Education, Career Services & College Prep

In our YouthBuild program, young people spend 40% of their time on educational advancement. Our instructor works with students in a classroom setting to prepare for the 4-part GED exam, and students receive one-on-one tutoring throughout from our staff and our AmeriCorps education assistant.

Education & GED Preparation

The majority of the youth in our programs have not completed high school, often as a result of undiagnosed or unsupported learning disabilities, homelessness or other barriers to success. Our GED instructor specializes in teaching young people who have struggled in traditional classroom settings and focuses strongly on individualized learning to meet students where they are.

Through our GED prep, classroom and individualized learning, young people:

  • Spend 40% of their time in the classroom, gaining specific prep for the 4 categories of the GED: reasoning through language arts, math, social studies and science
  • Take practice exams and the GED test, with all fees covered by YCC
  • Earn educational stipends through YCC and Corps Network as they pass their exams
  • Gain access to more stable careers and high-paying jobs, as most employers require high school diplomas or GED
  • Achieve success and gain pride in their abilities as they learn, grow and earn their exams

Career Services

Our on-site career specialist prepares young people to apply for positions and succeed in the workforce. Through lectures, workshops and one-on-one training, young people gain additional certifications and develop their communication skills, including:

  • Earning certifications in hospitality industry, including customer service excellence, front desk representative and restaurant service
  • Receiving support writing their resumes, cover letters, scholarship and job applications
  • Being matched with internships and careers with partners in Lake County
  • Learning life-long skills in communication, conflict management and professionalism

College Prep

In addition to providing career services, our on-site specialist supports students who are inspired to continue their education after earning their GED. Most of our young people are first-generation college students, and they do not have access to the multitude of resources needed to succeed in college. To that end, our staff assists by:

  • ┬áScheduling, coordinating transportation for and attending college visits
  • Funding opportunities, including FAFSA applications and finding available scholarships
  • College and scholarship applications and admissions
  • On-campus counseling, tutoring and guidance throughout the first semester, helping students adjust to college life and make good decisions
  • Time management and study skills training
  • Other needs that arise

Beyond construction skills training and certifications, young people in our YCC YouthBuild program earn hospitality industry certifications. Careers in hospitality are often available in Lake County, and these additional certifications give our young people access to more positions and higher wages.