Social Supports

Young people in our programs face multiple competing needs, including poverty, homelessness, food scarcity and involvement with the justice system. We provide social supports at our facility to ensure that young people have access to the resources they need to get to work every day with food, clothes and a good mindset.

These services are available to our young people for one-year post-graduation from the YouthBuild program, ensuring their continued networks of support.

Social Work

In 2018, we secured funding for a staff social worker to help youth alleviate stressors and remove barriers to success. Our social worker works one-on-one with young people to address their multiple needs, including medical and mental health care, housing, food benefits and other vital necessities.

In addition, our social worker provides psychoeducation (information about and support for mental health, mental illnesses and self-care) and individualized therapy for our young people. Addressing anxiety, anger management, depression, PTSD and traumas helps our youth better prepare for lifelong mental wellbeing and success.

Food Pantry

Through our partnership with Northern Illinois Food Pantry, we have an on-site kitchen and fully-stocked pantry that our young people can access for their breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Students are invited to prepare their own meals for the day and the weekends, ensuring that they have complete access to food at no cost.

Clothing Donations

Our on-site donation closet includes the clothes our young people need to be safe on construction sites, as well as winter coats and children’s clothing of all sizes. Young people are welcome to take everything they and their families need. We collect new and gently used items from individuals and partnerships with companies including Timberland.

We welcome donations of clothing for young adults, children and infants. Please contact us to drop off donations or organize a supply drive: or (847) 623-0900.