Michael’s Story

Random gunfire, incarcerated dad, dead-end lives – I was surrounded by this growing up. I fell in with the wrong crowd. Selling and then becoming addicted to drugs, I never thought about tomorrow. I was headed down the wrong path when I heard about YCC.

I didn’t have parents who could open my eyes to a real future. I needed someone to show me how to make a new life for myself. After finishing YCC’s “Mental Fitness” challenge, I knew I’d found that guidance. It took hard work and more than a little prodding from the YCC staff to change my bad attitude. I thought that I didn’t need to care about my life and what I did with it – but I care now.

I’m 19 and finishing up the 10-month program. I’m proud that I earned 2 certifications in construction and plan to get a job renovating houses. I appreciate my new job skills and the life skills that I learned at YCC. Not every day is going to be easy. My old gang is still there to tempt me and I may not feel like working. But I am committed to having a better life. I’m happy to say that you won’t be seeing me in the headlines. Thank you for helping YCC to create new possibilities for me.

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