Ariana’s Story

You’ll never amount to anything. My name is Ariana and that’s all I heard growing up. I came to think that about myself. Until I came to YCC, I never thought that I had value as a person. Now at 19, I have the confidence and drive to know I can make a difference in this world if I try.

Last year, I had to fend for myself when my mother went to rehab. I slept on too many sofas to count. I tried to get to school every day but I just couldn’t manage. I was exhausted from just living each day. I dropped out of school and got into trouble. I wish I knew then what I know now. My parole officer told me about YCC. I figured why not? And then YCC totally changed my life. I no longer have an attitude. I feel like my life matters. Now I’m looking forward to getting my GED and with the help of YCC, attending the College of Lake County. I plan to be a nurse. Now I want to work hard to achieve my goals – goals that I identified with the support of YCC. Thank you YCC for being the first people to believe in me.

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