YCC YouthBuild Eligibility

Youth Conservation Corps’ YouthBuild program empowers you to rebuild your life.

This is an intensive program. You will take classes to earn your GED. You will be trained on construction and hospitality, and you will help build a house. You’ll have access to social support, including food, counseling and training. You are expected to show up every day and be ready to work in your classes and training.

Not everyone who applies is accepted into this program. A good attitude and hard work will get you far!

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants must be:

  • Residents of Lake County
  • Between ages 16 and 24
  • Eager to finish their high school education
  • Willing to work hard to meet goals

Why Participate

As a member of our YouthBuild crew, you will:

  • Earn income through stipends, with bonuses for good attendance, test scores and more.
  • Become part of a family that supports you and pushes you to be your best.
  • Take classes and get tutoring to complete your GED.
  • Get training in construction and hospitality, so you have job skills and experience.
  • Build homes in areas of Lake County that need affordable housing.
  • Learn life skills to help you become an independent, professional adult.
  • Be connected to local construction teams and get help applying for jobs.
  • Develop new communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

What to Expect

Crew members will:

  • Be at YCC or a worksite for 6.25 hours daily.
  • Participate in a mix of education, construction, hospitality and life skills classes.
  • Complete 1 or more community service project each month
  • Be invited to participate in extracurricular activities, such as BBQs, swimming, and other fun, team-building events
  • Work well with others as you teach and learn from each other.

Many young people in this program have complex lives. All of our participants are low-income, and some are homeless, ex-offender, single parents, persons with disabilities and/or foster youth. We can help you with these needs, including:

  • Referrals to housing agencies, parenting support and other community partners
  • On-site showers and donated clothing, personal care items and baby supplies
  • Access to a full pantry, stocked by Northern Illinois Food Pantry
  • Bus tokens and gas money to get to and from work

Ready to apply? We are now accepting applications. 

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